Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Ignite. Below are some commonly asked questions about their entertainment services. If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to ask.

Can we choose what songs we would like you to play?
Ignite have a large selection of songs that they play listed on this website. If there are any particular songs you would like Ignite to play from this list then you can email your selection either using the booking enquiry form on this website, or discuss upon confirmation of your booking. If there is a song/s you really want but Ignite don’t have on their song list then they can learn other songs for you at an extra charge to be discussed. Please let Ignite know at least 6 weeks prior to your event if you have a request for songs other than what they play.
Can we have other people sing during the night?
Yes absolutely, if you have arranged something with Ignite prior to the event then they are very flexible with fitting in any other entertainment requirements you have. Ignite do not appreciate people trying to grab their microphones while they are performing and last minute singers or musicians wanting to get up if this has not been organised with them beforehand. However Ignite do also appreciate that last minute acts or surprises do happen, and in these instances they are more than happy to accommodate.
Can we have our own music playing before and/or after you perform?
Yes you can either bring along your own music and Ignite can play this through their equipment 30mins prior to performing and in between their breaks. Alternatively Ignite have a large library of mixed music they can play. At the end of the night after Ignite have finished performing; they can also play music through their sound system before packing down. If you would like this time to be any longer then there will be an extra charge of $100 per 30mins for staying on.
Can we use your equipment during our ceremony?
Yes, if you choose either the wedding package 2 or 3 options then Ignite can play your ceremony song/s through their equipment; or perform these live themselves depending on your requirements.
Can we use your equipment for speeches?
Yes you can, Ignite will provide a cordless microphone which will run through their equipment so they can control the volume. As the microphone is cordless this can be passed around the room so others can speak.
Do we need to provide you with a meal?
If you choose our wedding package 2 or 3 options; or depending on the length of your corporate or other event; then Ignite would require a meal due to being at your event longer than their standard 4hours of playing time. Ignite do not require a full 3 course guest meal, only something light before they perform.
Do you have any accommodation fees?
If your event is outside of 1hour car travel time (each way) from Tauranga, there will be an accommodation fee of $120 for the night of your event. Ignite will organise their own accommodation booking. If travelling outside of the North Island, then please contact us so travel arrangements can be discussed verbally.
Do you have any travel fees?
If your event is outside of Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puna or Te Puke there will be a travel fee of 0.60 cents per kilometre. If travelling outside of the North Island, then please contact us so travel arrangements can be discussed verbally.
Do you have equipment that can be setup both outside and inside?
Yes, Ignite have the flexibility to have equipment setup both outside and inside to cater for your specific needs.
Do you require a deposit?
Ignite requires a 20% deposit within 7 days upon confirmation of your booking.
How do I book?
Please use the booking enquiry form online which allows you to specify your requests for your special event. Alternatively you can contact Dee on 027 666 6074 or 07 571 5491 and make arrangements verbally.
How do I pay the band?
Upon confirmation of your booking Ignite will send you an invoice which will include their bank details for the deposit payment. If you wish to pay the remaining amount via direct credit then this is to be paid prior to their performance. Alternatively Ignite will accept cash on the night if arranged prior. Ignite will not accept payment via credit card or cheque.
How do we interact with you?
Ignite will be in contact with you at least 6 weeks before your event to make sure they have a full understanding of your exact requirements. This will be backed up by further confirmation closer to the date so you can rest easy knowing your entertainment will be completely taken care of.
How long do you play for?
This depends on your chosen event package or running sheet and guidelines set by the venue regarding meal service, otherwise Ignite perform up to 4 hours of live music with 2x 10-15min breaks in between.
What are your space requirements?
Ignite need a minimum space of 3×3 metres with access and clearance from guest tables as a safety precaution. Ignite will also need to be in close proximity to a power source away from people traffic.
What are your Terms & Conditions?
Click here for details of Ignite’s Terms & Conditions.
What happens between the band breaks?
Ignite take a 10-15min break between sets, and during this time they have a large library of songs that they can play to suit the theme of your event. Ignite will also touch base with you throughout the night to confirm and/or change proceedings if needed.
What if I cancel my booking?
If a booking is cancelled then Ignite reserves the right to withhold the deposit.
What if Icefire cancels the booking?
This has never happened in all of our 15 years of performing, however if for some unforeseen circumstance Ignite had to cancel your booking then they would return your deposit.
What if we want you to play longer than our agreed time?
Ignite can perform over their agreed time but there will be a charge of $200 per 30min block of extra time, this also includes playing CD’s or an iPod.
When do you pack down all of your equipment?
Ignite will pack down their equipment at the end of the night 30mins after their live performance finishes.
When do you set up all of your equipment?
You can rest easy knowing that Ignite will be set up hours before your guests arrive. Prior to your wedding day or other event, Ignite will speak with the venue operators to discuss time availability into the venue.
Where can we see Ignite perform?
Please view Ignite’s live performance demo in the Videos page of this website, and check out their gig guide for a list of upcoming public performances.
Will you perform our first dance song and ceremony song?
Included in the overall price for the wedding package 2 or 3 options, Ignite can either perform live or play the original music for your ceremony and first dance songs. If your song choices are not from our songlist then there will be a small fee for learning these. Ignite know it can take some time to decide upon these songs, so as long as they know your requirements 6 weeks prior to your event in the instance of wanting Ignite to learn any songs.

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